What I did in my 2 years of lockdown?

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CoVID-19 was one of the worst things to have happened to humanity. For many it was a blessing in disguise too!

The long and draining two years of lockdown have adversely affected everyone.

How? Let’s see a few examples. Both good and bad.

Winners and Losers

  • Elon Musk and many other billionaires became gazillionaires 💵
  • Earth’s temperature levels rose slightly (cleaner air due to less gas emissions). 🌍
  • Almost 6 million people lost their lives in the pandemic phase. 🦠
  • Airlines and food service industries were badly affected as their average customer population declined. 🛫🥞

This was only a glimpse of what the lockdown was like. I still have not talked about the physical and mental health of those who suffered. I still haven’t covered a “rags to riches” story of the CoVID. And I won’t…

You can find tons of articles and stories about these things.

What I intend to do in this blog is to share what I did in my two years of imprisonment. Yes, imprisonment.

The worst thing about prison — Prison Mike (The Office)

Let’s start IN the beginning

It was in March/April 2020, when the lockdown hit. It was a gravely new concept for everyone, and that includes me. I had never shown the tiniest of interest in epidemiology.

Epidemiology is the branch of medicine which deals with the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases and other factors relating to health.

When I mention the word “lockdown”, what comes to your mind?

The feeling of being alone, trapped in a four-walled room, binge-watching Netflix, gaming all day, boredom 24x7, reading, listening to music, watching the WORLD SUFFER…

For me, it wasn’t something new. I was never the kind of guy who went out a lot with my friends, partying hours and hours with no-end, or going out on a date.

I have been a nerd for almost the entirety of my life. Yeah that means I am the kind of guy who would spend discussing how electric cars work, rather than discussing what my date’s horoscope was like.

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

I was used to being alone at home, being in my own world. I am able to do things on my own. That is why I would come under the category of an introvert, someone who gets the energy to do stuff from their self.

Hence, the lockdown phase was not very overwhelming for me. I did struggle with a few things, but with time and patience, I was able to understand their nature and overcome the obstacles.

Now I would like to share with you what I really did in the lockdown.

What I did…

I spent my two years doing the following things:

🌙 Having my existential crisis at the age of 18 and accepting Islam!
💪 Building my community startup, CSCult
🚀 Nerding the shit out of rocket science!
🔥 Fanboying on His Highness, The Meme King, Elon Musk
💵 Learning about the concepts of finance and economics
📚 Reading tons of books
(mostly non-fictional, you know the ones that DO help you in the real life)
💻 From building automation scripts and websites to building my rocket game and discovering the world of blockchain!
🎸 Improving my guitar skills and making music

And one of the hardest things…

😍 Understanding the equation of love (which according to Selena Gomez and Chris Martin is “equal to the pain”)

To Let Somebody Go — Coldplay X Selena Gomez

There may be hundreds of things that I have not even mentioned. I mean those two years were the most beautiful years of my life. Not only I was able to understand what my life’s purpose was, but I was also able to self-reflect about what kind of a person I wanted to become.

I was also able to transcend from a shy, unconfident, unfit nerd to a confident, radiant and focused person.

Again, Alhamdulillah (All Praise is to God) for everything that I have received. I am grateful for being alive and to see my parents and friends notice the change in me, for the better.

And as Murphy’s Law states:

Whatever can happen, will happen.

The lockdown could have happened. The lockdown did happen. It forged me, molded me, made me the person I am today and for that, I am grateful…

Bane’s Quote I
Bane’s Quote II

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Founder @CSCult | Polymath | Engineer

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Saud Hashmi

Founder @CSCult | Polymath | Engineer

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